Zedi Forder -The Album

by Zedi Forder

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"It is fair to say that other bands with Kerley and Carstairs at the heart have criminally gone undervalued bordering on unnoticed by major attention and success. Thankfully making music which leaves a lasting imprint on body and imagination through creative originality and adventure is a passion, a vocation for the pair at the heart of Zedi Forder, so we get to feast on their alchemy once again and so should you, it would be rude not to go off and discover its majesty, wouldn’t it?"
-- Ringmaster

"Meet Zedi Forder, a band that will have you hooked with one listen !"
--Ross Welford (Uberrock)

"I am totally sold on this!” – The Count // Wayoutradio

"Now that is a band who knows how to make a hook-laden song!" - Melita Dennett, BBC

"This album is full of really interesting and quirky guitar lines that add signature moments to the music” – Hellbound.ca

"Things must improve, evolution must do its work, and so on, new names can appear, as the English trio ZEDI FORDER” – Metal-temple.com


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<< Zedi Forder is an unsigned band. There is no hefty infrastructure in place maximizing opportunities for us to earn. We earn by the good grace of our fans who reward us for creating cool stuff. Please consider purchasing some stuff from this bandcamp and perhaps even consider becoming a patron of the band. Just like in ye old days! >>

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released June 10, 2017

-- Vocals/Drums - Chris Kerley
-- Guitar - Mark Carstairs
-- Bass - Rich Tomsett

Music & lyrics by Kerley/ZF
Produced, engineered & mixed by Chris Kerley
Mastered by Kerley
Acoustic tracks mastered by MatrixA
© 2017 ZF/Kerley, All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Zedi Forder Woking, UK

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Track Name: Killakarta
Oooo you cut a dapper silhouette
You wanna see things through his eyes
Hey, you turn your face and look away
Is any wonder we’re all broken
There philistine
No sweetness from the brine
No, no, no denizens
The weakest for the line
I see nothing but hate
I see nothing but borders and hate
Oh don’t you know
There’s nothing for you here – Nothing
Track Name: Machines
Oh oh oh, they’re waiting for you - I’m feeling it again
There’s only machines here now
Oh oh oh, they’re waiting for you - This day could be your last
There’s only machines here now
Deal with and a million more, Laughing all the time,
Cast a thousand lines, body makes you mine
See the eddy is so broad, pulls you deep inside
Once you’re in you’re mine, cos I can make you…
Whole…gotta feel so alive
They gotta start the end’s tomorrow (x2)
(Second chorus)
Move…gotta feel so alive
They gotta start, the end’s tomorrow (x2)
Track Name: Dark Mook
I’ll give in to pressure, unless you want me to be
Part of the solution, guiding others to see
Nary a virtue or good quality
I’ll give in to pressure, unless you want me to be
Fed up now brain this sucker
Then run away
Sooner or later, you will give yourself, these promises
Dipping your toes in, education
Only the fool will mix his ignorance with pride
Tear down the walls that keep you bottled up inside
I believe in miracles, quite a stretch but you might
Empathize with others, using facts instead of shite
The bile from your mouth, let’s me know just how you’re feeling
Your knuckles that drag on the floor begin to bleed
Track Name: I'm the one
One day old, bet-it’- so good to be free
Gorgeous smile, but to be sure don’t mislead…beware
Chains unfurled, you’ve got these flash wings to spread
(But) fear the world, round every corner there’ll be…danger
Takes more than you to make a difference
Takes more than you to make a change
Get out your mother fucking head
Yet I believe
I’m the one
Don’t rock boats, know your place, do not stray
Aim quite low, because you’ll never amount… to anything
Track Name: My Moon
Choke her, fade to black - Insult, take that back
But I move, within the motion of the wind
So come and find - A common find
Oh my moon - You will never be as scarred again
Breaches of the past, a pain that shouldn’t last
Unstoppable now
Oh my moon - We will never be apart again
Low bridges of the past, the bruises that harass
You mother fucker
I can, not forget - Once bit, twice regret
Track Name: Nachoman
Nacho, nacho man - I’m gonna touch you with my big fat greasy hands
Cooking you up a little something that you need…with cheese - All that I ask is that you cough up what is due
Watching the flames… melt in your mouth
You know that I can’t stand here, waiting yea
You know that you should pay me for my nachos… do it
Nacho, nacho man - I got a rep and yea it happens to be true
I know that you like getting all your kicks for free… oh my - Given the choice I would prefer that you were fair
Line yourself up…then you bone me
No love, no care, no decency - No food for thought
No jobs, instead, robots and tech
Phased you all out
No love, no care, no decency - No food for thought or mouth
No jobs, instead, robots and tech
Phased you all out
Track Name: Open Wide
Opportunity, level playing fields - Edge gives me the key, nepotism rules
Open wide
I will drain the earth, do so politely - Consequence is dire, but I won’t live to see
Open wide
Your scant disregard, you make me sick - You’re proud of yourself, you make me sick
To worship at the altar of the money that we make is nothing new, but we’re feeling blue
I figure there must be a greater reason why we’re here but that’s not new, it’s something to do
Let’s just feed the world - Open your mouth you
But there’s not profit here - My cock will have to do
There’s a part of me, sees the brighter dawn - Maybe I can change, start to sing along
Track Name: They love it more
I never want – more per se
A form of self-expression, has made a fool of me
And I never stood for cause or worth
A child-like satisfaction, locked out and left deranged
All that’s ever wanted baby losing my control
But it takes one to know one and that’s all I’m saying
You want it --been half awake...for so long
But you need it--- Together we are so strong
Oh I shudder-- you find a way to hold on
Forever-- Together we are so strong
Caricature, a clown, a cast
Clear enough revelation, to save you from the past
But there’s not enough to pay what’s due
To catch them all from falling, they haven’t got a clue
You love it – I love it more
The house that’s built on lies - We’ve grown to all despise
Track Name: Smooch
No I’m not done yet, keep the world at bay
Better punch the clock, been a while away
Old slow, but at the right time
Poised, strapped and in the zone
Just for a little smooch
It’s my salvation, so pick up the pace
My fears always drowning (x2)
Take one look and see that we are all
A part of something beautiful…tonight
Lady luck this time, has got it in for me
So I count the hours, till I come to play
Track Name: Time after time
I’m not afraid of a single human - Brush ‘em aside with endless grace
And when I go to fill the tank up - A lit match seems out of place
I spiral in through the darkest of shadows
I look up and I see that you’re there
Time after time, you’ll be there, miles and miles
I’m not a part of the oily framework - Oh pushing forward is a task and a half
I won’t harm for gratification - Or pucker up, I’m never kissing your ass
And when I’m on my knees in the moonlight
Can’t be sure this strength will last
Time after time, you’ll be there, miles and miles
And I look into your heart and see myself, opened wide
I will use the day, to look up to you, like I always do
I will use the day, to look up to you, like I always did, like I always do
Track Name: On the run
I’m co-opted, I won’t be cornered but I…
I hear the pitter patter, of your sons and daughters
Superstition oh the, maddest game we’re playing
Codes and ethics buried, oh the shame
Don’t address that feeling in my head
You’re meant to come and get it…….don’t worry ‘bout the rest but
As to why, don’t give in to the lie,
A job without reason, a tune without a rhyme
The city of the world, the blinding sun
Aware of them but I’m the only one
The city of the world, the blinding sun
The risk is yours here but I’ve just begun
World is giving and it’s, not enough but I’m
Tired of feeding from the, communal trough oh
Sick of waiting baby, full of sin need no
Regulation honey, you take it out of me
Damn! It’s all a bet
Track Name: Lonely One
Yes I know you are the lonely one, and that you’ll have your fun
You’ll stand your ground and fight about it
But the rules they don’t mean much to you, that much I know is true
You’ll stand your ground and fight about it
This is it, this is where we stand - Love the colours when they bleed
Mystery, coming from the edge - You’re the lonely one for me
Only one for me (x4)
Love the colours when they bleed,
Colours when they bleed (x3)
Persevere, staying true to self - Love the patterns that you find
Character, coming from the edge - You’re the lonely left behind
All their views are nothing new to you, but I see something else, and it’s strong
Blank automaton with different stance, insignificance, but their wrong
And they beckon you to follow suit, but you struggle to, to belong
To give in would just be easier, but you keep yourself moving on